Dr. Joseph Beno

Dr. Joseph Beno

Function: Associate Director and Research Program Manager


Research Associate & Research Scientist; Associate Director(1993-present), University of Texas Center for Electromechanics

      Program Development Achievements:  Secured over $50M of advanced R&D funding for UT-CEM (P.I. and co-P.I.) from a broad array of Government and industrial sponsors.  Broadened UT-CEM expertise and developed new major research thrusts for UT-CEM in high performance flywheel energy storage systems for ground and space applications, hybrid electric vehicles, and advanced vehicle active suspension systems for hyper-mobility in off-road and on-road environments.  Expanded UT-CEM’s existing composite materials expertise into a major new research thrust on highly stressed flywheel safety and burst containment.  Assisted in initiation of UT-CEM thrust area focused on electric propulsion for naval ships.  Developed advanced expertise at UT-CEM for controlled actuator systems, leading to high level of general recognition and ongoing funded effort to develop a 12 ton precision robotic system to position the primary optical sensor package at the McDonald Observatory Hobby-Eberly Telescope (part of a Dark Energy exploration project).  Transitioned two major technologies (military vehicle off-road high performance active suspension systems and high speed motor controls) to industry, with revenue bearing licenses for the University of Texas.

      Technical R&D Achievements: In parallel with program development activities, conducted several key research investigations within the above thrust areas.  (1) Assembled and led national "Consortium" of flywheel developers and DoE laboratories to perform pre-competitive R&D on flywheel failure mechanisms and safety approaches.  Guided by laboratory measurements, hypothesized interaction processes between flywheel debris and containment structures and developed and successfully tested a lightweight containment approach for high-speed composite rotors.  (2) Led research team that developed and successfully tested an advanced flywheel energy storage system for electric transit buses (featuring 40,000 rpm rotor in vacuum, rotor supported on magnetic bearings, and low-loss permanent magnet motor).  In support of the transit bus flywheel program, developed analysis codes to model behavior of gimbaled flywheel system during vehicle maneuvers.  (3) Led research team that developed advanced flywheel design for space applications and validated the design with component testing.  In support of this program, developed the initial statistical-based coupon testing and design approach for the high-speed composite rotors.  NASA is currently seeking funds to build full prototype unit for final testing.  (4) Developed controls approach, control algorithms, and energy management approach for active suspension systems.  Developed optimization programs that led to CEM's lightweight linear actuator technology for active suspension systems.  Led research team that demonstrated six-fold reductions in vehicle body vibrations, with simultaneous increases in cross-country speed, compared with performance of today's military vehicles, in military testing at Yuma Proving Grounds.  (5) Led a joint industry-University research team that developed the preproduction version of UT-CEM’s active suspension technology for heavily armored HMMWV’s (“Hummer” vehicles).  As a result of the performance testing success for this vehicle and its success in durability testing, this design now is the baseline design for our licensee’s production product.

            Research Program Manager(1989-1993), Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.  Managed R&D programs (≈$10M per year) for the DoD Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).  Developed and managed a $3M per year test program for the Electromagnetic (EM) Gun Kinetic Energy Projectile Development Program, coordinating and approving test objectives for each shot from the nation's two 9MJ railguns.  Initiated an Armor Shock Physics Simulation and Material Modeling Program; formed an informal consortium of researchers from universities, DoE labs, DoD labs, and industry; focused their cooperative efforts into a cohesive program; obtained funding ($6M per year) and managed the resulting effort.  Identified a technical approach, designed the program, and won approval for the DARPA Ground Combat Target Identification Program ($10M).  Served as stateside assistant to the Science and Technology Advisor for the U.S. negotiation team on armament reductions for Conventional Forces in Europe (CFE). 

            College Instructor(1984-1986), U.S. Military Academy, West Point, N.Y.  Taught two-semester Physics sequence to math/science/engineering undergraduates.  Revised curriculum, developed laboratory program, and selected textbook for the mandatory sophomore physics course taught by 10 colleague instructors to 600 students.  Taught one semester of Mechanical Engineering (Statics and Dynamics).

            Research Coordinator(1981-1984), Picatinny Arsenal, N.J.  First military officer assigned to the U.S. Army Electromagnetic (EM) Gun research and development program.  Evaluated capabilities of EM Gun technology; identified and coordinated needs of artillery, armor, and infantry users; developed weaponization concepts; and devised initial system designs to meet Army needs.  Performed technical evaluations of contract proposals and served as technical monitor for ongoing contracts. 

            Military Troop Leadership and Staff Officer Assignments(1971-1981), U.S. and Germany.  (1) Maintenance Battalion Operations Staff Officer for the U.S. Army's largest maintenance battalion (1500 people); (2) Commander, Missile Maintenance Company (320 people); (3) Staff Officer, Foreign Military Sales Program; (4) Director of Missile Maintenance Repair Facility; and (5) Armor Platoon Leader.

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