Dr. John A. Mallick

John Mallick

Position: Senior Rearch Scientist


John Mallick joined CEM in 2012 as a Senior Research Scientist; his research interests lie in the field of low frequency electromagnetic and electromechanical design, analysis, and simulation and electrical power system modeling.

From 2001 to 2012 Dr. Mallick was a Senior Research Scientist with the Institute for Advanced Technology, where he developed analysis and simulation tools for pulsed power systems with an emphasis on modeling of pulse discharge rotating machines and associated control circuitry. He also developed electromagnetic analysis techniques for railgun launch phenomena.   In 2008 he co-chaired the IEEE Electromagnetic Launch Conference held in Victoria, Canada.

From 1979 to 2001 Dr. Mallick was an Electrical Engineer with the GE Corporate Research and Development Center (Schenectady, NY) where he worked on a wide range of research projects, including:

  • Development of finite element analysis tools for electromagnetic analysis of a AC, DC, and permanent magnet electrical machines.
  • Design and fabrication of a mixed analog-digital integrated circuit for the control of low-voltage molded case circuit breakers.
  • Design and construction of a superconducting DC-SQUID system for detection of cardiac biomagnetic signals, and the development of analysis codes for magnetic source localization.
  • Development of tools and techniques for electromagnetic interference characterization of power electronic circuits.
  • Development of advanced low-profile high frequency magnetic components for compact fluorescent lighting circuits.
  • Development of RF coil systems for permanent magnet whole body MRI systems.

From 1986 to 1988 Dr. Mallick was an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at Union College (Schenectady, NY) where he developed and taught courses in electromagnetics, electric machines, circuit and system theory, and power electronics.   During this time he also served as an in instructor in GE Power Systems Engineering Course offered by the GE Utility Systems Engineering Department to an international audience of utility engineers.

From 1989 to 1989 Dr. Mallick was Senior Principal Engineer for the Superior Electric Company (Bristol, CT) where he developed simulation and modeling codes for switched reluctance actuators for electric power steering systems, and developed optimization methods for the design of magnetoresistive rotary sensors.

Current Projects

Coupled electrical-thermal simulation of silicon-carbide SGTO switching devices under pulse current operation, funded under a cooperative agreement with the US Army Research Laboratory.

Areas of Interest

  • Low-frequency electromagnetic and electromechanical system modeling
  • Electrical machine design
  • Superconducting systems
  • Mitigation of EMI effects on system operation

About Me

  • IEEE Senior Member
  • Reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Magnetics and IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science
  • Extra Class Amateur Radio Licensee – WA1HNL


  • Sc.D., Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, 1979
  • E.E., Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, 1976
  • S.M., Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, 1976
  • S.B., Electrical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, 1973


11 US Patents Awarded:

  • 6,794,884             Method and system for evaluating core stack pressure
  • 6,469,504             Method and system for detecting core faults
  • 6,437,567             Radio frequency coil for open magnetic resonance imaging system
  • 6,208,132             Non-intrusive speed sensing for induction motors
  • 5,609,946             High frequency, high density, low profile, magnetic circuit components
  • 5,608,771             Contactless power transfer system for a rotational load
  • 5,187,436             Noise cancellation method in a biomagnetic measurement system using an extrapolated reference measurement
  • 4,982,353             Subsampling time-domain digital filter using sparsely clocked output latch
  • 4,943,888             Electronic circuit breaker using digital circuitry having instantaneous trip capability
  • 4,425,521             Magnetic slot wedge with low average permeability and high mechanical strength
  • 4,385,251             Flux shield for an inductor-alternator machine

Selected Publications

Refereed Journal Papers

“Determining pulsed alternator thyristor converter firing angles to produce a desired launcher current”, Mallick, JA and Crawford, M, IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, Vol. 41, Part 2, Jan 2005, pp. 322-325

“Use of SABER circuit simulation software for the modeling of compensated pulsed alternators driving a railgun load”, Crawford, Mark (Institute for Advanced Technology, The University of Texas); Mallick, John A.; Pappas, John Source: IEEE Transactions on Magnetics,  v 39, n 1 I,  January, 2003, p 337-342

“Review of the integral horsepower switched reluctance drive”, Harris, Martyn R. (Univ of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Engl); Finch, John W.; Mallick, John A.; Miller, Timothy J. E. Source: IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications,  v IA-22, n 4,  Jul-Aug, 1986, p 716-721

“Comparison study of low-profile power magnetics for high-frequency, high-density switching converters”, Ramakrishnan, Sriram (GE Corporate Research & Development); Steigerwald, Robert L.; Mallick, John A. Source: Conference Proceedings - IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition - APEC,  v 1, 1997, p 388-394

“Multichannel data acquisition system with on-chip digital signal processing”, Noujaim, Sharbel E. (GE Corp Research & Development, Schenectady, NY, USA); Mallick, John A.; Wu, Michael Source: Proceedings of the Custom Integrated Circuits Conference, 1988, p 9.3/1-4

“Three dimensional transient analysis of superconducting generators”, Umans, S. D. (MIT, Cambridge, Mass); Roemer, P. B.; Mallick, J. A.; Wilson, G. C. Source: IEEE Transactions on Power Apparatus and Systems,  v PAS-98, n 6,  Nov-Dec, 1979, p 2055-2064

“Modeling of solid rotor turbogenerators -1: theory and techniques”, Umans, Stephen D.; Mallick, John A.; Wilson, G. Source: IEEE Transactions on Power Apparatus and Systems, v PAS-97, n 1,  Jan-Feb, 1978, p 269-277

“Modeling of solid rotor turbogenerators -2:  example of model derivation and use in a digital simulation”, Umans, Stephen D.; Mallick, John A.; Wilson, Gerald L. Source: IEEE Transactions on Power Apparatus and Systems,  v PAS-97, n 1,  Jan-Feb, 1978, p 278-291

Conference Papers

“Phenomenological electromagnetic modeling of laminated containment launchers”, Mallick, JA, presented at the13th Electromagnetic Launch Conference, Potsdam, Germany (to be published in IEEE Transactions on Magnetics)

“Monolithic backbone railgun”, Kathe’, EL and Mallick, JA, presented at the 13th Electromagnetic Launch Conference, Potsdam, Germany

“Design, construction, and testing of an inductive pulsed power supply for a small railgun”, Sitzman, A, Surls, D and Mallick, J, presented at the 13th Electromagnetic Launch Conference, Potsdam, Germany

“Physical scale model alternators as a pulsed power source simulator”, Shepard, N, Chen, YY and Mallick, JA, presented at the 13th Electromagnetic Launch Conference, Potsdam, Germany

“Review of the Integral Horsepower Switched Reluctance Drive”, Harris, M. R. (Univ of Newcastle upon Tyne, Engl); Finch, J. W.; Mallick, J. A.; Miller, T. J. E. Source: Conference Record - IAS Annual Meeting (IEEE Industry Applications Society), 1985, p 783-789

“A dynamically reconfigurable interconnection chip”, CY Chin, WT Lin, JP Hwang, S Chu, G Forman, R Dunki-Jacobs, S Karr, J Mallick, HT Kung, A Sussman, FH Hsu, T Nishizawa, International Solid State Circuits Conference, 1987, pp 276-277

“Using constraints for design decision support”, DW Tong, JA Mallick, Third National Symposium on Concurrent Engineering, 1991